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The plan: 30 in 3

First post :) During the last year, I’ve lost about 45 pounds, healthy eating and good old fashioned exercise. Sadly, I’ve been slacking for the last few months. I haven’t gained anything back thankfully, but I haven’t lost anything either. Now it’s dawned on my that summer is right around the corner, and I want to wear cute short shorts, and frolic on the beach. In order to do that, and not feel self - conscious about parts of me jiggling that shouldn’t be, I need to drop another 30 pounds or so. I don’t weigh myself, so it’s hard to know exactly, but I’m guessing based on how I’m fitting into my old clothes, and how many more inches I still need to lose. About another 5 on my waist…which, based on past experience is around 30 pounds.

I’m thinking that if I make things public, and force myself to be accountable, it might light a fire under my butt and get me motivated.

Tomorrow, the plan is 1200-1500 calories, focusing on lean proteins, minimal refined carbs and veggies and fruits. Also need to get back on my routine. I’ve been missing far too many workouts lately. So that would mean an upper body weight workout tomorrow, first thing when I wake up, if all goes well. Might add some burpees between sets to ramp it up a bit.

Wish me luck!


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